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By partnering with best-in-class carriers in the insurance industry, Homeland HealthCare, Inc. administers health and wellness packages, including major medical, supplemental health, short-term medical and other insurance plans for individuals, families and employer groups. Plans are flexible, with different benefit options to meet every need and budget.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Compliant Plans

In order to be compliant with health care reform laws, PPACA plans must provide minimum essential coverage (MEC). Individual Major Medical insured plans that meet MEC requirements must also comply with all of the standards outlined in PPACA. The scope and limitations of these plans will vary by state. With a plan that meets the MEC, the consumer will not be subject to the tax penalty.

  • Accident Medical Expense Insurance (AME)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Embedded guarantee issue term life insurance (amount varies by plan level)

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance plans help you prepare for the unexpected and provide an affordable way for individuals and families to be protected from the extra expenses that can come due to an accident. Having access to benefits and resources to assist with unforeseen expenses can help ease the burden; and this is where a Gap insurance plan can help. A Gap insurance plan can fill the gaps or holes of an existing high deductible health plan. Key benefits include:

  • Minimize out-of-pocket health care expenses specifically related to a covered accident
  • Provide cash benefits towards medical services related to a covered accident
  • Protect finances while dealing with a covered critical illness (specific products ONLY)
  • Provide just the right amount of benefits at an affordable price

Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement insurance, often called Medigap, can help cover the "gaps" that traditional Medicare (part A & B) doesn't cover. This ranges from copayments to coinsurance and deductibles. These supplemental insurance policies must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you, and the policy must be clearly identified as Medicare Supplement Insurance. You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B to be eligible for Medigap insurance. Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies and each standardized Medigap policy must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it. However, each insurance company may offer some additional benefits. Medigap plans cover one individual and the cost may vary by company, based on the plan you choose and where you live.

Short-Term Medical Insurance Plans

Members can obtain interim, catastrophic major medical coverage for six or twelve months with their choice of deductible and co-insurance. The benefits of these plans will not satisfy the Individual Mandate as defined by PPACA.

Accident Insurance

Our accident plans are designed to help manage health care expenses when the unexpected occurs. With benefits toward hospital admission and confinement, emergency room, surgery and physical therapy, accidental death or dismemberment, as well as others, accident insurance can help provide for the extra expenses incurred from an accident at home, work or even at play.

Accident Excess Medical Expense

This supplemental plan offers cash benefits toward excess medical expenses that are associated with an accident. Including a deductible, this plan can help boost benefits in excess of any other valid coverage.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

An AD&D plan can help pay benefits for injuries sustained due to an accident and causes the loss of life, sight or limbs.

Term Life Insurance

Homeland HealthCare, Inc. offers term life insurance for 10-year terms renewable up to age 70. Plans include critical illness coverage, which pays the amount of the policy in the event the covered individual dies or survives a covered critical illness including heart attack, cancer, stroke, major organ transplant, terminal illness, total disability sickness and accident, loss of limbs, major burns or renal failure. Coverage is available for an individual, spouse-only or spouse and/or child up to age 21.

Dental Insurance

We offer multiple insured dental plans to help address the oral health care needs of consumers. With benefits toward typical dental procedures and check ups, consumers have the opportunity to choose the plan that fits their needs and budget.

Vision Insurance

Our insured vision plan provides benefits toward examinations, lenses, frames, contact lenses and LASIK. These benefits are accessible through a large network of providers, including major retailers and independent eye care providers.

Group Benefit Plans

Homeland HealthCare, Inc. helps employers offer flexible group benefits for their employees and contractors. We also provide a convenient administrative portal so employers can easily manage their employees' benefits – from enrollment to billing.

With several types and levels of coverage for groups to choose from, there is a plan that fits every need and budget. Choose from Major Medical, Hospital Indemnity, Accident, Disability, Critical Illness, Individual Gap Insurance, Short Term Medical, Term Life, Whole Life, Dental and Vision plans to meet your employee's health care needs.

Value-Added Benefits

All of the plans that Homeland HealthCare, Inc. administers also include numerous value-added non-insured benefits. These range from lab and imaging programs, telemedicine, patient advocacy services, business discounts, roadside assistance and more to help businesses and consumers in their everyday lives. These premier benefits are of proven value to consumers and employees, strengthening the value of what you provide to them.